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Kanda Bhajji Recipe From India I Learn In India When I was There

When I Was in India I Learned Many Recipes and Indian Food from a friend in India he was running own blog from India. cooking recipes in Hindi and sharing recipes in Hindi language which is one of the Indian Language. He give me complete written copy of recipe and yesterday I’m free and I try to cook it and test was just awesome so i decide to share it with all of you. Here.

Look The Photo Here.

kanda bhajji

How To Make This Indian Food

Kanda Bhajji is a very popular Marathi as well as Gujarati Fast Food which is so good in taste. It is made from the Onions and Gram Flour which is known as Kanda and Besan in India. It is very simple recipe you will required very few ingredients to make it and it will be ready in no time.

It is one of the most popular Indian street food which you will find at most of the places in Mumbai and most of the cities of Gujarat. It is very cheap too, because onions and Besan are very cheap. You can fill it up in just 20-30 rs.

It is very best recipe for Monsoon and winter. When people like to eat something hot and crispy. You can make it for 10 to 20 guests in a party in no time. It will require ingredients which are available in almost every Indian house.

Ingredients Which We Need.

2-3 Medium size Chopped onions.

200 gm Besan.

½ tsp Cumin seeds.

3-4 Chopped Green chilies.

½ tsp Hing.

Oil for frying.

Salt to taste.

Some Fresh Coriander leaves Chopped.


Heat Oil.

Make a Batter.

Add Besan in a bowl, then add onion, green chilies, cumin seeds, hing, coriander leaves in it.

Mix it very well. Now add little water and again mix it.

Make nor thin neither thick dough from it.

Put small balls with the help of four fingers into the oil.

If you want to make it crispy and serve fresh to the guest then remove it from oil when 50% get cooked.

Fry again in the very hot oil just before serving to same time and better result.

Cook it until golden brown and crispy.

Serve it with the Chutney of your choice.

I hope you liked this and you will try this and if don’t forget to check my blog again.

Visit Of Bollywood Film City In India & Our Experience

In our, India Tour we stay almost 9 days in Mumbai which is a very famous city of India. After staying almost 3 days, my Hotel manager told me to visit Film city in Mumbai. Me and my wife ready and visit this place actually in India there are lots of things to explore and while visit this place called Film city. We was really amazed and we know many new things about Indian cinema which is called Bollywood.

On thing I really liked about Bollywood is the celebrities are really very Hot and beautiful. Here you can check out some hot images of Bollywood celebrities. That’s why I became big fan of Bollywood. But now let’s talk about our experience of visiting this place.
film city mumbai

Source: Google Search, Because I forget my camera at Hotel Room :(

As We already told you our experience was in India is really awesome and especially in Mumbai which is also know as “Maya nagari ” Sorry I don’t know meaning of this why peoples of Indian told this. But now let’s talk about the Film City which is nothing but one studio where most of Indian movies are made and actually, This is a very big place you need good amount of time to explore this place completely.

Me and My wife spent almost 3 or 4 hours there and still we left many thing but because of we are getting late we have to go. Actually, my mood is also not good because of I forget my camera at Hotel room and it was my biggest mistake otherwise I will share images with you guys. But sure if we get chance we will visit again.

I Found Video On Youtube In this video you can visit this place virtually. Sorry this video not in English language but sure you love this.

After traveling many countries, I really like India because it is very interesting place to explore and I told you guys if you get a chance to visit this place don’t miss it guys just go there. I am sure you will love this place.

Check out Film City Official Website


If you visited India anytime and if you visited Film City please don’t forget to share your experience with us and also share images of this place if you have and don’t forget to follow our blog guys because as you know we are sharing everything with you guys openly.

Thank You

Simplya & Scott

Indian Aloo Curry Which I Learned From Indian Chef

When We are traveling in India and testing different Indian foods. When we are in Gujarat Which is State in India. We meet one awesome guy his name was Nikunj taught me How to make Indian Aloo curry and tell me full recipe to make it. The test of this Curry was just awesome so I decide to note down the full recipe and share it with you guys. I learned Many Indian Foods Recipes :)

indian aloo curry

Aloo Curry is a traditional Potato recipe which is very easy and need not time. You can have this with the Roti or rice. It is very common in all the Gujarati Restaurants and Dhabas. In Gujarat they serve Aloo curry with the Puri as well as with the Roti and Paratha as well which are other Indian Food.

It is a very simple curry which will introduce to the simple Indian Food. Indian Recipes are very easy and aloo curry is one of the simplest recipe. You can make it with the skin or if you want you can remove it, both have it’s own taste and advantages.

It is a very good and healthy curry which almost everybody like to have. In North India, they serve it with Puri and call it Pudi Bhaji. Which is nothing but Aloo curry and Fried Bread made from Maida or Wheat flour. This curry goes really good with Rice. Mix it with rice and that’s it nothing will required to fill your bailey.

Ingredients Which We Need.

  1. 4-5 Aloo.
  2. ½ tsp Cumin seeds.
  3. 1/2 tsp Mustard seeds.
  4. ½ tsp Turmeric Powder.
  5. 1 tsp Red Chili Powder.
  6. Few Curry leaves.
  7. Salt to taste
  8. 2 tbsp Oil.
  9. Fresh coriander leaves.

Method To Make Aloo Curry.

Head Oil, add Mustard seeds and then cumin seeds. Add Curry leaves.

Now add potatoes and immediately add turmeric powder.

Stir it for 1 to 2 minutes at medium-low heat. Then add salt and stir well. Red Chili Powder.

Now add water as per requirement and cover it.

Cook it until potatoes cooked and keep gravy as much as you want.

Turn the heat off and Garnish it with coriander leaves.

Over To You.

I hope you like this Indian recipe and don’t worry we will share more with you guys just follow our blog daily.


Simplya & Scott

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